SUN, MAY 14, 2023 • S1 E29 • 35 MIN 57 SEC

Things We Wish We Knew part 1

In this episode, Caleb Greene and I talk about things we wish we knew when we first started in this field. We want to make this an ongoing topic that we come back and add to in future episodes. We also want this to be a discussion that can apply to other fields, rather than just counseling, specifically. We will discuss topics such as imposter syndrome, feeling confident in what we know, and doing things out of experience vs doing things out of compliance. We hope you enjoy the conversation. Also, if you have questions you would like us to answer or things you would like us to talk about, leave us a message on our webiste 

Intro and Outro music by Broke for Free. 



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SUN, MAY 14, 2023


35 MIN 57 SEC