FRI, MAY 20, 2022 • S1 E21 • 1 HR 2 MIN 34 SEC

Mental Health Approaches for Working with Men and Community Leaders with Marc Azoulay

In this episode I talk with Marc Azoulay from Boulder Colorado. Marc is a psychotherapist in private practice who often works with men and business/community leaders. Marc discusses some thoughts on leadership and how he works with individuals to help cultivate a strong sense of effective leadership. He also discusses his thoughts on being a man in today's society and how he helps men find a better sense of masculinity by first defining masculinity in today's world. Marc has some great insights into working with men and other leaders. He discusses some key points of leadership as well as pillars of masculinity and how both can apply to anyone, not just the men he works with. You can find more information on Marc at his website Intro and outro music by Broke for Free.



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FRI, MAY 20, 2022


1 HR 2 MIN 34 SEC