FRI, JANUARY 21, 2022 • S1 E15 • 1 HR 10 MIN 57 SEC

Interview with Jeremy Eberle

In this episode I speak with Jeremy Eberle with Alternative Avenues and Associates in Lincoln, NE. Jeremy is a LIMHP, CDGC, and LADC. He is also the current president elect for the Nebraska Counseling Association. Jeremy has primarily focused on treatment of substance use disorders and gambling disorders. He was a lead researcher on a study linking college students to daily fantasy sports use and his findings were presented at the National Gambling Conference in a Portland. Jeremy and I discuss his work with the NCA and some upcoming events the NCA has planned. He also discusses some of his work and experience with substance use disorders and gambling addiction. Lastly, we talk about how the world of gambling has started to intersect with younger and younger children through mobile apps and games. Intro and outro music by Broke for Free.



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FRI, JANUARY 21, 2022


1 HR 10 MIN 57 SEC